Return to Mining Operations: Important Considerations

  • In accordance with the provisions made by the competent authorities, mining companies must have a biosecurity protocol for their employees in order to prevent and control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is important that the companies inform their employees about the content of the protocol, in order to comply with the basic safety measures (hand washing, social distancing, use of a face mask).
  • Companies must elaborate a transport protocol considering the following guidelines:

    1. A medical evaluation and PCR test must be performed on the driver;
    2. The driver and the passengers must have all the biosecurity equipment;
    3. Unauthorized stops are prohibited during the journey;
    4. Transportation vehicles must be disinfected;
    5. Some control and disinfection stops must be established in order to disinfect the vehicle during the journey;
    6. If possible, drivers should be isolated in order to avoid having contact with the rest of the employees.
  • Companies must have a protocol prior to the entry of employees to the camp site, considering the following guidelines:

    1. Employees must declare they are in good health before travelling;
    2. Employees must be aware of the company’s biosecurity protocols and commit to comply with them;
    3. To prevent the risk of contagion, we suggest that prior to entering the site, employees shall comply with voluntary isolation in a hotel chose by the company;
    4. The isolation period must be at least of 7 days because of the virus’ window period;
    5. During the isolation the employee will not be able to receive any visits or go out;
    6. After the seventh day of isolation, the PCR test (suggested for its high degree of reliability) shall be performed. Results will be available between 48-72 hours;
    7. Negative employees may enter the site complying with all the biosecurity measures: hand washing, social distancing, use of face masks, not sharing personal items. In case employees present any symptoms, they shall inform the occupational doctor and be isolated right away;
    8. In case of positive employees, they shall not enter the site. Said employees shall remain in isolation. The company shall notify the Ministry of Public Health, which will designate a doctor to monitor the employees’ health condition;
    9. Likewise, the company’s own doctor may use technological tools to control the employees’ health progress.

Disclaimer: This document is informative and does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice.