Constitutional Court Gives Green Light to Operate Remotely

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a change at the Ecuadorian Constitutional Court: justices will hear oral arguments via technological platforms and parties are able to submit documents electronically.

The Constitutional Court announced that some important changes will take place starting on Monday 18, 2020:

  1. Justices may order the lift of deadline suspensions in all cases under their control;

  2. All deadlines suspensions for admissibility cases have been lifted;

  3. All court’s decisions will be notified by e-mail, unless parties have not provided one;

  4. The Court will hold oral arguments via technological platforms;

  5. All extraordinary constitutional actions filed before the judicial organs will be submitted to the Constitutional Court electronically;

  6. The attention to the public continues to be suspended, however, parties may submit documents electronically to the following institutional e-mail addresses:

Admissibility cases
Information of a case’s statusInformation of documents submitted electronically

Disclaimer: This document is informative and does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal advice.